Mission Statement: Invest into Community

Believing that “Best Real Estate Investment is to Invest into Community Growth”, UC Asset LP is committed to long-term community growth as its asset management strategy, based on the concept that real estate portfolios can serve a dual purpose of offering an attractive ROI for investors, while creating a sense of community and having positive and multifaceted impacts on life of residents, one neighborhood at a time. In order to achieve this goal, UC Assets LP is dedicated to engaging local community leaders including both business and nonprofits, and to utilize global capital resources.

Grow with Tomorrow

UC Assets LP is an Atlanta based real estate investment firm dedicated to combining global investments to support US community growth. The company selected Atlanta, GA as its headquarters because of the city’s continued growth in real estate, corporate culture, sports and entertainment. According to the US Census bureau, Atlanta is the third fastest growing metro area in the United States. (Source: US Census Bureau 2017)

Global Capital, Local Team

UC Asset LP is started with forward-thinking investors from China committed to diversifying their portfolio. US real estate is often favored by Chinese investors. For fiscal year 2016-17, Chinese investors spent $31.7 billion on US residential properties, and another $19.2 billion on US commercial properties. No other nation came close to competing with China in relation to the inflow of real property capital to the US (Source: National Association of Realtors). Eventually, UC Asset seeks to become a viable resource for investors from various countries. Meanwhile, UC Asset is managed completely by a local team.

Public Strategy

In order to implement our investment strategy which commits our capital to long term value growth of properties in a community, we choose to become a public company, and use MLP(Master Limited Partnership) as our legal structure.  Learn more about MLP....

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