Mission Statement:
Chinese Investments in US Growth

Chinese investors are increasingly diversifying their portfolio across multiple nations, and the United States is a preferred destination.
Real estate is often favored by Chinese investors. For fiscal year 2016-17, Chinese investors spent $31.7 billion on US residential properties, and another $19.2 billion on US commercial properties. No other nation came close to competing with China in regard to inflow of real property capital to the US (Source: National Association of Realtors).
Despite the overall significance of Chinese capital, most of the funds is allocated toward existing properties without proactive management or improvement. This passive strategy neither generates better return for investors, nor does it create more American jobs or grow US business.
UC Asset LP is Chinese-founded yet encompasses a completely local management team. Our pro-growth strategy aims to achieve higher ROI for our investors while promoting local business growth to create more American jobs.

Public Strategy

It is common for asset managers to create a public-traded entity and acquire and manage properties under it. Mostly REITs are used as such public vehicles.  For our business mission, we choose to set up a MLP(Master Limited Partnership) not a REIT.  Learn more about MLP....

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