Innovative: 21st Century Real Estate Investment

In this 21st century many “traditional industries”, such as the automobile, have been disrupted by innovations and technologies. Real estate is experiencing similar changes. Conventional real estate investments, which heavily rely on debt financing - a game between Cap Rate and Loan Interest Rate, has been benefiting from the financial environment in the past 40 years, when interest rate has gradually but steadily been declining. This investment model may be less promising, as interest rate has touched zero, and is unlikely to get lower in the future. Further, new technologies are changing people’s lives, changing their way to live, work and travel, redefining the concept of “property”. Real estate investment should be more innovative to monetize on the new trends, and thereby produce higher ROI and reach higher growth.

Invest into Community Growth

Believing that “Best Real Estate Investment is to Invest into Community Growth”, UC Asset LP is committed to long-term community growth as its asset management strategy, based on the concept that real estate portfolios can serve a dual purpose of offering an attractive ROI for investors, while creating a sense of community and having positive and multifaceted impacts on life of residents. 

Being a Public Company

In order to implement our investment strategy which commits our capital to long term value growth of properties in a community, we choose to become a public company, and use MLP(Master Limited Partnership) as our legal structure.  Learn more....

Share Our Thoughts....

We believe in transparency and communication, and constantly share our research reports and presentations with the public.