When a metropolitan area undergoing fast growth, oftentimes communities need to be improved, one house at a time, to meet the ever-growing demands of new and exist residents.

House Renovation/Rebuilding

Growing with Great Cities

Our vision is to grow with great and fast-expanding cities, such as Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX.  We have so far conducted our investments overwhelmingly in Atlanta, which ranks No.3 among large metro areas with most net population gain (almost 100,000) in 2015, according to US Census Bureau.  The Money magazine ranked Atlanta No.1 with highest ROI in house flip business among the 15 largest metro cites. Growing with this great city, we have achieved 400% AUM growth in the first 18 months.

We avow to make great changes to the community, one step at a time.

(At left are real picture of our work)