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Controlled Agriculture Properties

Green Houses for Medical Plants

Cannabis related properties have produced some of the best performing stocks, including those listed on major exchanges. UC Asset had invested into cannabis-related businesses before. In 2020, we reached a deal to convert our 72-acre farmland in Dallas, TX into a medical agriculture project.

In 2021, demographic and political change in Georgia (where we are based) and neighbor states  is in favor of deregulation of cannabis industry. We are seeking to expand our portfolio in cannabis related properties, particularly green houses, to make it a major part of our portfolio.

Airbnb-based SHOC Properties

Shared Home-Office Cluster

SHOC, standing for “Shared Home-Office Cluster”, focuses on home office technology for traveling professionals. SHOC aims to capitalize on a new industrial trend, i.e., the switch of business travelers from conventional business hotel to shared accommodation via platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

Our first SHOC investment was made in 2021. This property is adjacent to Atlanta’s central business district, right across the street from Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Park and Museum, and only 700 feet from a major exit of Interstate-75/85 going through downtown Atlanta. An independent Airbnb management company provided revenue projection which will produce 30-36% IRR out of this property.

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Historic Landmarks

With NFTs to Represent Their Art Value

Historic landmarks have incredible value. Those value, usually intangibly rooted in their historical and cultural backgrounds, may be referred to as "art value" in comparison to commercial value.

In 2020, block-chain technology expanded from cryptocurrency to digital arts (NFTs) and soon real estate. NFTs(non-fungible tokens) provide a state-of-art technology platform to digitalize and monetize art value of a building, in a way not imaginable before.

In 2021, we acquired the Rufus Rose House, a 120-year old Victorian mason sitting in the heart of downtown Atlanta. We are working with a top-tier block-chain company to issue NFTs on this landmark.