UC Asset found new sponsoring market maker

(Atlanta, GA, 04/05/2019) UC Asset LP has announced a new sponsoring market maker to continue its process of getting listed on OTCQX.

The new sponsoring market maker is Glendale Securities.

The company previously worked with Spartan Securities as its sponsoring market maker since it successfully closed its IPO on October 12, 2018. However, Spartan Securities had encountered into a series of incidents, which are completely unrelated to the business of UC Asset. Last week, Spartan announced it would close its business and terminate all services to its clients, including UC Asset.

“This process of changing of sponsoring market maker will not impact our daily business,” said Greg Bankston, the company’s general partner. “However, it will delay our process of listing on OTCQX for approximately 6-8 weeks.”

“Glendale is a great partner,” Bankston continued, “and we look forward to a smooth transition to complete the listing process in a productive way”.

Disclaimer: UC Asset LP’s news release, including but not limited to this announcement, are not intended to provide comprehensive investment advice of any kind, and does NOT constitute an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell units of our partnership. Forward-looking statements in its news release are not audited and have no guarantee to be realized.